guest corner

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This page is made for everyone. Feel free to introduce yourselves (if you like) or key-in comments (good/bad) about the blogs or the site itself etc.

Just NO BASHING and PROFANITIES aren’t allowed either. We can disagree without being insulting, right? 😀


4 thoughts on “guest corner

  1. Hello…

    i more of a japanophile…

    i have been desperately trying to learn higher Japanese for several year now… wahwhahw..

    anyway I also am interested in Korean things because I part-timed for a bit as a tutor for Korean kids, teens and adults… XD…

    1. haha! me too! (as influenced by a friend).

      I’m was trying to learn japanese online before but i still suck at it… and now I don’t have the time anymore. *sigh*

      anyway, glad to meet you. =D

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