Hajimemashite! Kimy desu.

And no, I am not Japanese. Though I do admit to my fascination with the language thanks to my anime and jdorama addiction.

Anyway, WELCOME!

This blogsite relatively holds whatsoever my corroded brain has in store – my daily obsessions, fancies and vexations.  Don’t be surprised if some posts are fairly biased since I obviously own this blog. I have every right to key in my personal opinions on every subject I can think of…. Feel free to give comments if you must. 😀

Moreover, I’m a HUGELY CERTIFIED Jpop/Kpop FAN GIRL. So don’t be surprised to see A LOT of  SPAZZING and FAN GIRLING (is there such a word? LOL!) on my page.

To those who wish to know me more, you are free to send me e-mails here:


2 thoughts on “auThor

  1. hi kimmy!!!….just dropping by….
    cool blog~~
    i’ll be expecting alot of kpop news……haha….
    i don’t see you, camille and kathie on plurk that often…
    starting to miss you guys….lol

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