The Mesmerizing voice of Mimi during SS2 Manila

More than a week has passed since Super Junior’s Super Show 2 in the Philippines. It is the first concert I’ve ever watched and I’m glad that I made a great choice since it was SPECTACULARLY AWESOME! The stage, the lights, the huge LED screen, the performances – everything is  SPOT ON!

But there is one particular performance that totally caught me off-guard – and held me mesmerized. It was Super Junior M’s Zhoumi performing to the song 只要你快乐 (As Long as You’re Happy) by 汪佩蓉 (Wang Pei Rong). It was an unexpected performance. Mimi never really had any solos done in the previous Super Shows (unless it’s with the Subgroup SJM). It was an incredible moment and Filipino fans feel honored to be the first to watch Zhoumi render a solo performance in Super Show 2 with the whole of Super Junior (even sans Hankyung, Kangin and Kibum).

Here’s a fancam of his amazing performance (with English and Viet subs)

I should have posted this yesterday but still… (Belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our GENTLEMAN MIMI!!! We’ll be waiting for another excellent solo from you in SS3!!! =D


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