SUPER JUNIOR’s “unique gifts” from Filipino fans

Last Saturday, April 10, Super Show 2 in Manila was a HUGE SUCCESS, with thousands of fans present to see one of the biggest idol group in Korea.

I must say I was lucky enough to be one of those fans in attendance that night. It was a spectacular moment for Filipino Kpop fans, if I may say so myself.

As every fangirl and fanboy knows, we LOVE to make an impression to our idols. We try to show our love in a way only WE (fans) can. I know that most of you already knew of the “interesting gifts” that Super Junior received on stage during their concert as fancams are available all over youtube… thongs and condoms anyone?

Though some fans may view such gifts as being disrespectful of the boys, I kinda beg to disagree. I’ve been watching some of the fancams (of the thong/condom moment) and it has shown the boys Leeteuk and Sungmin frankly amused and giggling with obvious hilarity of the gifts… apparently no harm done. And as somebody commented, “It’s about time fans appreciate Super Junior not just as boys but as MEN”.

It just makes me wonder… Where the heck was Siwon during these moments of UNHOLINESS? LoL!!! =D

Sharing the moment…


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