BETTER than thongs and condoms…

With fancams of the thong and condoms during Super Junior’s Super Show 2 in the Philippines, we have missed out the fact that there is another gift that I believe is much worthy of recognition to our fellow ELFs. I just learned about it the other day for it was a “secret project” made by the core members of SJUPH (Super Junior United Philippines).

The “secret” project, which is not a secret anymore, is about the character shirts that the members of Super Junior wear in their performance of certain songs (e.g. Carnival) during their concerts. A lot of fans wonder of the unfairness of Zhoumi, Henry, and Kibum not having character shirts. So guess what? Through love, support and acceptance of ALL 15 boys, SJUPH had come up of a solution by asking friends to draw/design the animal characters to be printed on the shirts to represent the 3, and most importantly, 3 members of the fanclub had made it their job to make our boys notice the shirts during the concert.

A statement of the event from a core member…

During the concert, three of the core members gave up their chance to do fancams to focus on making the members notice the shirts. And they very well did~! Yehsung even sat in front of them just to look at the shirts. Kyu stayed in front of them for almost half of the song Carnival not knowing if he’s going to take the shirts or what. Heechul nodded at them for approval while Sungmin gave his thumbs up sign. During shining star, leader Eeteuk was looking at with with a very bright smile.

On last part, we threw Henry’s shirt at him and he was able to catch it. We then threw Kibum’s and Zhoumi’s shirt. Henry caught Mimi’s shirt but not Kibum’s. A few seconds when the boys left the stage, a staff ran towards the stage looking for something then picked up Kibum’s shirt then left again. We are assuming someone from suju told that there were three shirts so they asked someone to get the last one. Nevertheless..THIS SECRET PROJECT WAS A SUCCESS~!!!

Here’s the outcome of the shirts…

PROOF of Henry holding his shirt…


credits: sjuph


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